Oxenfree Latest Game Download for Android

Oxenfree android

Oxenfree Android Game , a highly prized game for PCs and consoles, has just been released for Android. It is a 2Dgraphic adventure with a thriller twist of the late 80’s that leaves no one indifferent. This is the Night School Studio game.

In this adventure, you play the hand of Alex, a rebellious teenager who takes his brother Jonas to a party on an abandoned island, along with some other friends. Accidentally they open a portal, releasing ghosts into the world . From there, you’ll have to work together to figure out how to deal with creatures. Checkout more interesting apps here on Safedlfile to experience the new portal of android network.

There are a lot of puzzles in Oxenfree, which are solved by finding the correct frequency on the handheld radio that you will carry with you. This radio will allow you to communicate with ghosts, unlock doors, and more. There is a lot of flexibility in how you choose to play and even have multiple endings, based on the decisions you make.

Its hand-drawn design and the synth-pop soundtrack create a perfect atmosphere , and will transport you directly into an environment in the style of Stranger Things. Although it is a mobile game, it would be ideal to play with headphones in a quiet and distraction-free place.


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